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Joanne King

Joanne King

Joanne has been a senior nurse at Frimley Health (formerly Heatherwood & Wexham Park) NHS Trust for 21 years in a variety of roles as an advanced nurse practitioner in acute medicine. Specialising in respiratory medicine 9 years ago she has been leading the COPD Early Supported Discharge and Admission Avoidance services provided by Berkshire Health Care Foundation NHS Trust. This service integrated both community and secondary care to provide acute support to patients whilst exacerbating alongside educational and self-management skills and supportive care in partnership with the palliative teams. In the last 6 years Joanne has also been the Clinical HOS lead for the Home Oxygen Assessment and Review service which provides regular clinical review and advice to all patients on home oxygen in East Berkshire, including those with non respiratory disease and palliative needs. In the last year Joanne has taken up a Nurse Consultant post and reorganised the respiratory services to form The Adult Integrated Respiratory Service or AIR team. This is an exciting progression in providing respiratory services across primary, community and secondary care, integrating community and hospital trusts to provide a seamless journey to the patient.

A Less than 2% of gross annual income

B Between 2% and 10% of gross annual income

C Any payment between 10% and 20% of gross annual income

D Any payment over 20% of gross annual income

All interests declared are for the previous calendar year

Section 1: Paid Work / Personal Income

A. Employments (including partnerships)
I am an employee, paid director and / or partner of an organisation

B. Other paid positions / work
I do receive any personal income from any healthcare related organisation
AZ: Band A
BI: Band B
Cheisi: Band A
Pfizer: Band A
Other pharmaceutical companies: Band B
Pharmaceutical industry total (% income): Band B
Other not for profit respiratory organisations: Band A

C. Other income (e.g. shared dividends)
I do not receive any other income (e.g. share dividends from commercial healthcare or tobacco companies)

D. Other personal benefits
Do you receive any hospitality/travel grants from pharmaceutical companies to attend conferences/meetings?: Yes
If yes, please complete which companies: AZ, BI, Cheisi, GSK, Pfizer, Other pharmaceutical companies

Section 2: Pooled / Non personal Income

My practice/employer does not receive any income for work I undertake for any healthcare related organisation

Section 3: Unpaid Work

A. Trusteeships / Directorships
I do not hold any trusteeships/directorships in any healthcare related organisation or tobacco manufacturer
B. Other unpaid / voluntary work
Do you hold any other significant positions that may create a conflicting interest to PCRS?: Yes
If yes, please list the roles and name of organisation: COPD lead - ARNs

Section 4: Shareholdings in Relevant Companies

I do not have any shareholdings in the tobacco industry or any pharmaceutical or other healthcare company

Section 5: Other non-personal interests

Does your practice, CCG or Department receive any fees/grants/benefits in kind worth £2500 or more from any commerical company?: No

Section 6: Interest of spouses / long term partners and children

Does your spouse/long term partner or children have any relevant employments, paid work or significant unpaid work in any healthcare related organisation or the tobacco industry?: No