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Vincent Mak

Vincent Mak

I am currently a Consultant Physician in Respiratory Integrated Care at Imperial College Healthcare Trust. Previously, I was a Consultant Physician in Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine at North West London Hospitals Trust and one of the Clinical Directors of the Outer NWL Integrated Care Project, which evolved into the NWL Whole Systems Integrated Care Programme Board, providing integration of primary, secondary, community, social and mental health care for those with long term conditions in North West London. In addition, I am a member of the NHSE London Respiratory Network (previously the London Respiratory Team) and NHS London Procurement Partnership, leading workstreams in Responsible Respiratory Prescribing and Value in Healthcare. I have been elected as the Royal College of Physicians NW London Regional Advisor for Service Quality. I took up my current role so that I could dedicate more time to developing and promoting models of person centred collaborative care in which I passionately believe. Clinically, I now lead a multidisciplinary team that manages chronic respiratory disease in Hammersmith and Fulham spanning early diagnosis and prevention, through to advanced and end of life care. I have an interest in promoting the use of primary care clinical information systems to streamline care and in the their use in remote case reviews. I spend a lot of time engaging with primary care colleagues in their practices where we are evolving novel ways whereby we can work and communicate together more effectively. In my spare time when I am not running around after my 3 kids, I have a passion for cooking and eating!

A Less than 2% of gross annual income

B Between 2% and 10% of gross annual income

C Any payment between 10% and 20% of gross annual income

D Any payment over 20% of gross annual income

All interests declared are for the previous calendar year

Section 1: Paid Work / Personal Income

A. Employments (including partnerships)
I am not an employee, paid director and / or partner of an organisation

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I do receive any personal income from any healthcare related organisation
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Teva: Band B

C. Other income (e.g. shared dividends)
I do not receive any other income (e.g. share dividends from commercial healthcare or tobacco companies)

D. Other personal benefits
Do you receive any hospitality/travel grants from pharmaceutical companies to attend conferences/meetings?: Yes
If yes, please complete which companies: BI, Cheisi

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I do not hold any trusteeships/directorships in any healthcare related organisation or tobacco manufacturer
B. Other unpaid / voluntary work
Do you hold any other significant positions that may create a conflicting interest to PCRS?: Yes
If yes, please list the roles and name of organisation: RCP London Regional Advisor for Service Quality NHS London London Prodcurment Partnership

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I do not have any shareholdings in the tobacco industry or any pharmaceutical or other healthcare company

Section 5: Other non-personal interests

Does your practice, CCG or Department receive any fees/grants/benefits in kind worth £2500 or more from any commerical company?: No

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Does your spouse/long term partner or children have any relevant employments, paid work or significant unpaid work in any healthcare related organisation or the tobacco industry?: No