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Angela Wixey

photo of Angela WixeyI am a Respiratory Nurse champion in Gloucestershire . Prior to this role I worked as an asthma Nurse specialist in secondary care for 8 years, set up and led the home oxygen service for 5 years and currently in primary care as a Respiratory Nurse.

I am passionate about all things respiratory and have a great fondness for our patients. I am keen for integrated working across all healthcare boundaries and in Gloucestershire we have done very well in order to provide our patients with access to quality care.

Asthma and COPD are my day to day focus, working collaboratively with patients and their loved ones to manage respiratory symptoms using both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical interventions; community respiratory team (including PR), local singing and exercise groups.

I have managed various spirometry projects and have a published article by the PCRS ‘Unravelling the risk factors associated with under or over diagnosis of COPD’

Angela's sessions

How do you reach the people you want to reach

Friday, - in Coalport 2