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Stuart Berry

GP at Reedyford Healthcare , Respiratory and Strategic IT Lead at East Lancs CCG
Reedyford Healthcare , Pendle , East Lancs

Stuart Berry is a GP and clinical lead in Pendle , East Lancs. The main focus of his respiratory lead role over the past year has been with regards to reviewing the care pathway of patients who have COPD including exploring options for updating the way that spirometry is delivered and used in primary care. He is exploring the options for increasing the uptake of digital tools and patient support apps for patients with lung conditions. Most recently he has taken part in a pilot project which uses live video to deliver health education into schools. Stuart has an interest in how we can use social media for health promotion - both within and outside our regular health communities. Have a chat with him if you have ideas about how we can develop the use of technology and social media further .

Session Role Stream type Date and Time
Challenging the diagnosis: could it be lung cancer yet? Co-chair Clinical 28 September 2018