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Personal Effectiveness Workshop

PCRS Personal Effectiveness Workshop

Saturday 13 July 2019 10.00 - 16.30
Radisson Blu Hotel, Birmingham

This event for PCRS members is aimed at healthcare professionals looking to develop their personal and professional skills. It will provide training on inspiring positive change and an introduction to leadership and teamwork. Register now to guarantee your place.

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Registration is now closed for this workshop.

  Chair, Carol Stonham



Strong Leaders and Functioning TeamsJo Emerson

Highly functioning teams are underpinned by a culture of trust and vulnerability but how many people can say this is true of their working environments?  Most people go to work with their “mask” on and engage in the pervading culture of one-upmanship, politics, passive aggression and fear, which leads to stress, apathy, inattention to results, high staff turnover and low standards. 

In this two-hour highly interactive workshop I will introduce you to the groundbreaking work I’ve been engaged with over the past 5-years – helping teams to build trust, stamp out unnecessary internal politics and unify around a common goals.

  • We will identify what makes for a highly functioning team.
  • We will look at the role ego and status play at work and how these can de-motivate, destroy and de-harmonise.  What can be done about it?
  • We will also look at trust and vulnerability and explore why and how these need to be at the forefront of building strong teams.
  • We will then look at the crucial role leaders play in creating a culture in which teams can truly thrive.
12.30 Lunch

Inspiring positive changeCharlotte Merrett

With an increasing burden on healthcare resources there is a greater need for patients to be empowered and to develop skills of self-management.  At the core of this challenge, is a deeper understanding of “how” patients can be supported by healthcare professionals to take an active part in self-management, and critically “how” patients can be empowered to sustain this motivation over the longer term i.e., to maintain a healthy lifestyle, to be physically active, to eat balanced and nutritious meals, and to adhere to medication.

The workshop will aim to develop a broader understanding of motivation and the practical application of strategies that may be adopted in clinical practice to support the patient to be more empowered.

The workshop will provide an introduction to the following;

  1. Understanding Motivation: An introduction to key theories of motivation and behaviour change  – i.e., the “what” and “why” of motivation  
  2. Case Studies: Examples of interventions that have been applied with patients in real life healthcare settings
  3. Interpersonal Communication: Professional to patient communication – creating a motivating environment

Empowering patients in a real life healthcare setting:  Key challenges and opportunities

15.30 Tea
16.00 Taking the next steps to leadership and inspiring peopleDeirdre Siddaway
Summary and action plansCarol Stonham
16.30 Close

Registration is now closed.

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PCRS is grateful to Circassia Pharmaceuticals plc for the provision of sponsorship through funding to support this workshop. The programme has been solely organised by PCRS.

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Saturday, 13th July 2019
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