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Respiratory Leadership Programme Virtual Workshops

PCRS Respiratory Clinical Leadership Programme

Responding to Rapid Change – Considerations for Respiratory Leadership

Virtual Workshops, 7th November and 18th November 2020

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Free to PCRS Members. Deposit of £50 required (refunded once you attend at least one of the two sessions and complete an evaluation)

As a result of Covid-19 we will see significant changes to the scope, role and delivery of respiratory care.  This workshop will help you identify what that could mean for you and your team, and how you can lead your team through the changes.

Over two sessions Saturday morning 7th November and Wednesday evening 18th November 2020 we will explore what practical changes are being made, what this means for patients and professionals (us), and how we acknowledge and respond to the challenges. We will look at how to support and lead others during transition and change, and how to work out what skills and training are needed to meet the demands of the service for the future.

Session 1 – What are the changes we need to make and why?  How does that affect us?  Are our teams clear about the implications and how can we raise this with them?

Session 2 – Feedback, learning and insights.  Using a skills matrix to demonstrate what needs to be done and what learning needs might arise

The workshop will provide you with (some much needed) protected time to better understand the implications for you and your team, both professionally and personally, along with sharing strategies and resources to apply in practice.

Participants should come away with:   

  • Greater confidence and clarity about how to lead their team through change and an understanding of some tools and techniques to support them in doing so.
  • An awareness of the impact of rapid change.
  • Hints and tips of how to support a team and lead during rapid change.
  • Having had time to connect with peers across the Respiratory network, sharing experiences of supporting teams at times of change.


7 November, 09.30 - 12.30

09.30 - 09.45 Welcome and objectives
09.45 - 11.00

What does post-Covid 19 change means for respiratory services and primary Care? 

  • Exploring the Crisis response matrix and considering practical implications.
  • How does and could the patient journey look in primary care?

Comfort break included in this session

11.00 - 12.30

Theory of transition and the implications for team working and cohesion

Including small group workshops - navigating and negotiation change

18 November, 19.30 - 21.00

19.30 - 19.35 Landing back - Welcome
19.35 - 20.25 Feedback back from 10 days of testing your learning with your teams.
20.20 - 20.50

What response do we get from our teams? Exploring what skills we need and how to identify skill gaps. What opportunities can we seize?!

20.50 - 21.00 Conclusion and close

This programme is part of the Respiratory Leadership Programme. This rolling three year programme is open to any PCRS Member and is designed to give you the tools, knowledge and skills to drive improvements for patients with respiratory diseases in your area.

Event Date: 
Saturday, 7th November 2020
Contact Name: 
Myf Gomersall
Phone Number: 
01675 477 600
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The PCRS Respiratory leadership programme is sponsored by Chiesi. Chiesi has had no input to the selection of speakers or the content of this programme.