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Respiratory Medicine Conference

Respiratory diseases are common and diverse, providing challenges to clinicians working in many different settings.  It has been an exciting time in recent years with many major advances in the understanding of respiratory disease and the development of new investigative techniques and therapies. This symposium provides a varied selection of topics that will illustrate how the respiratory landscape is changing.

The topics will cover exciting new therapeutic options for asthma, personalised medicine, the impact of the environment and how legislation might improve public health.

We have a state of the art session on the diagnostic and therapeutic utilities of new bronchoscopy interventions, and we hope our interactive session will provoke debate and understanding of bronchiectasis and the social and ethical consequences of sleep apnoea.

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Wednesday, 7 March, 2018 - 09:00
Royal College of Physicians
Great Hall, Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh
9 Queens Street
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