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Affiliated Group Leader Agreement

Form to be completed by the appointed lead of the group.

Please complete the form below to affiliate your local health professional group to PCRS.

Group leader
Affiliated Group Profile
Nature of the group information provided will be used by PCRS to understand the needs of its groups and/or monitoring purposes
Group Address
Terms of affiliation

Terms of affiliation

PCRS agrees, subject to the conditions stated  to:

  1. Provide the Lead with membership to the PCRS free of charge for the duration of the Group’s affiliation
    • For Leads who are not already members of PCRS, free membership will be provided from the date of affiliation
    •  Leads who are already members will be provided with free membership from the date their paid membership expires. No refunds of membership fees will be given
  2. Keep the Lead, through his/her membership of PCRS, up to date of PCRS activities and provide him/her with suggestions for local group activities and meetings through regular affiliated groups newsletters
  3. Permit the Group to use and promote resources and materials from the PCRS website including specific local group, resources such as the resource pack with example agendas, invite letters, event briefs attendance certificates
  4. Invite, subject to available funding, the Lead to an annual meeting for the leads of its affiliated groups in order to share ideas across the groups and to support the professional development of the group leaders 
  5. Promote the activities of the Group by sending out an email on behalf of the Group to PCRS members in the relevant geographical area or if appropriate via an article in Primary Care Respiratory Update
  6. The Group may state that it is affiliated to the PCRS in its materials and may  use the “PCRS” logo in this context, provided it is used in accordance with the approved template.

On behalf of the Group, I, the lead agree that

*The PCRS website will display the name of the Group, name of the Group Lead and Group description as provided above.

Please note: If the Group Lead website username is their email, this will be displayed on the contact form. PCRS recommend the username is your name to prevent this data from being shared.