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Local groups - getting inspired

Thinking of setting up a local group?   PCRS-UK is here to help...

Working in primary care can, at times, feel quite lonely and isolating. With the ever-present pressure from additional bureaucracy as well as demands to see more and more patients, many of whom have complex medical problems, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to keep up to date or just take time to enjoy our jobs.

That’s where PCRS-UK affiliated local groups come in. They offer a lifeline for nurses and other healthcare professionals enabling them to stay in touch, network with colleagues, learn about clinical issues, share best practice and, moreover, offer a welcome chance for some fun and camaraderie.

Local groups offer a great opportunity to share topical information in a comfortable, supportive environment where participants can learn and share experiences. You don’t have to be an expert in respiratory medicine to start a group, nor a senior member of the healthcare team; all you need is a passion for delivering the best possible care for your patients and a desire to support your colleagues.  You can always enlist the help of a friend or two, which will make the idea less daunting and more fun - and of course PCRS-UK is here to help you.

Thinking of setting up a local group or network?  

Be inspired by the stories of how other busy healthcare professionals have set up local groups and how it has supported colleagues and professional development (previously published in PCRS-UK Primary Care Respiratory Update)

Sally King, Gloucestershire - Keeping the momentum going
Dr Robin Carr - Multidisciplinary group for sharing and exchanging information  
Joanne Thompson, Hull and East Riding Airways Focus Group - sharing information and respiratory news. 
Jackie Dale, Mistaken attendance at a PCRS-UK meeting led to the formation of a new respiratory group.  
Melissa Canavan discusses how to future-proof your group
Recently launched/updated materials to share with your teams
Asthma Guidelines in Practice – A PCRS-UK Consensus was commissioned to provide clarity on aspects of diagnosis, management and monitoring of asthma that are uncertain due to differences between current national guidelines.
Fit to Care?  Download our guidance on education standards for those working in primary/community care respiratory medicine.  
Guide to reflective practice - updated 2017 -  
Spirometry wall chart 

Education Session Topic Suggestions

Armed with your copy of Primary Care Respiratory Update (PCRU) you can develop a short evening educational programme themed around the key articles in PCRU, and why not get your local community respiratory teams and secondary care colleagues involved to help ensure you are able to deliver an integrated local service.

  See our latest consensus based guide that sets out a simple treatment pathway based on the predominant characteristics of COPD distilled from current guidelines.  
  Discuss the issues around multiple asthma guidelines and review the PCRS-UK consensus statement which aims to provide clarity
  How about running a session on tobacco addiction and the role of the healthcare professional in supporting smoking cessation?  PCRS-UK produced a number of articles in its themed issue in September 2016 and included advice on the role of carbon monoxide monitors in practice and also a guide to managing tobacco addiction.  Perhaps you could get a carbon monoxide monitor manufacturer or tobacco cessation therapy manufacturer to sponsors your event.. 
  How about running a session getting the diagnosis right?   The Spring 2017 issue of PCRU includes a number of articles themed around diagnosis including the role of spirometry and peak flow and also includes some challenging diagnosis case histories you could discuss 
  How about having a group session with your local CCG/board to discuss how you can best ensure HCPs in your area are trained appropriately to undertake high quality spirometry - PCRS-UK  - Vikki Knowles discusses a guide to an affordable solution for meeting the standards for the new National Register for Quality Assured Spirometry and a quick search of PCRS-UK shows a wealth of information on spirometry 


Affiliate your group to PCRS-UK Find a local affiliated group Contact an affiliated group leader
Affiliating your group to PCRS-UK confers unique benefits such as free PCRS-UK membership for the group leader  and the opportunity to attend group leader workshops without the need for cumbersome administration all you need to do is to complete the agreement and also fill in a simple 2-minutes online form once a year.  

Have you got a local group near you?  

Check our map to find out 

Members of PCRS-UK can contact a group leader to share information, advice and tips.  

Simply visit the members directory and look for this icon to find members who are group leaders.  You can then click the link to contact them



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PCRS-UK is grateful to Pfizer for the provision of sponsorship through funding to support the activities of the Affiliated Group Leaders programme. The programme has been solely organised by PCRS-UK.