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PCRS-UK - fighting tobacco addiction

PCRS-UK is happy to announce the National Primary Conference for 2018. The conference will be held on September 28-29, at the International Center in Telford.

This conference will be even more special than the earlier editions, as its agenda will include even more participants, from various domains. Not all of them relate to medicine, but the subject of respiratory health touches them all.

Some of the main subjects have been discussed in our quarterly Primary Care Respiratory Update, like:

  • COPD Treatment Guidelines
  • Campaign for better education
  • Clinical audit
  • Treating tobacco addiction

The latter is a quite popular subject, as we are focusing on a sustainable development of our environment. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 440,000 Americans die yearly because of tobacco.

Our 2018 conference has included this important subject on its agenda. We have invited companies’ representatives from all over the world to speak about how they deal with tobacco addiction among their employees.

Some of the companies that will be joining us are The Veld Group, Instant Payday Loans 24, and Geico.

Although none of the above companies conducts their business in the healthcare field, they have all implemented important programs of treating tobacco addiction among the employees who smoke. The programs are different from each other, so each company will share its unique experience and results with tobacco addiction.

The registration for our annual conference in 2018 has not begun yet, so make sure you save the date and keep your eyes on our website. We will soon return with new details.

Meanwhile, you may want to read more about our community or browse through our other events.


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