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Advanced Fit to Care

Key Knowledge, Skills and Training for clinicians providing Advanced Respiratory Care

Key considerations

Clinicians working at this level should be competent in the criteria expected for standard level, plus:

  • Advanced clinicians are expected to work as part of a team and, as such, provide education and clinical advice to colleagues responsible for the care of patients living with respiratory conditions.

Key skills, knowledge and training for providing advanced respiratory care

Skills Knowledge Training

Able to review medication and alter/refer for alterations where necessary


Specialist knowledge and understanding
of anatomy and physiology with regard to the cardiopulmonary system

Diploma level module/s in respiratory assessment relevant to practice; asthma; COPD



Able to formulate and review self-management plans with patients and their families/carers, etc Specialist knowledge and understanding of the pathophysiology of both common and less common respiratory conditions Completed NCSCT Training and Assessment Programme for Smoking Cessation and be on the NCSCT register of certified practitioners

In-depth knowledge of evidence-based treatments for tobacco dependency/to assist smoking cessation attempts as well as common respiratory conditions, both non-pharmacological and pharmacological


Other desirable skills, knowledge and training

  • Degree level module in respiratory assessment and/or conditions such as COPD and asthma
  • Clinical examination skills including percussion and auscultation
  • Understanding of possible differential diagnoses for respiratory symptoms such as breathlessness, wheeze and cough (e.g. heart failure, gastric reflux, anaemia)
  • ARTP (or equivalent) approved spirometry certificate (minimum in performing test and referring to qualified mentor for interpretation)
  • Able to mentor or advise clinicians providing standard levels of respiratory care