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One member's feedback...

Hear the Feedback from Val, a Nurse Practitioner in Norfolk who came along to the recent nurse leaders meeting in October 2012

“I am due to launch my first local respiratory group meeting very soon so was delighted when PCRS-UK advertised their Nurse Group Leader workshop. It promised to bring together like minded nurses, offer support and help me set up my group. I subsequently attended this meeting and was far from disappointed....

The day started and continued throughout in a very friendly and warm manner, it was nice to put faces to the familiar names seen on the PCRS-UK website and emails.  Everyone from the PCRS-UK nurse committee seemed really pleased we were there and made us very welcome.  The itinerary for the day looked very promising with excellent speakers such as Jane Scullion and Dr Terry Stuart who inspired plenty of interaction from the group with thought provoking topics and discussion.

Part of the day we spent in small groups working together to unearth top tips to help develop a successful local nurse group, to share best practice and learn from one another. The groups were well mixed, from novices such as myself to experienced group leaders who had years of know-how and advice to offer. I learnt the varying ways members ran their groups and discovered that there is more than one way to be successful.

We also heard from one group leader who explained how the development of a mission statement for their group had helped them remain motivated and focused despite some periods of low attendances to the meetings. Her words of encouragement... that even if only five people turn up then five people are educated was a strong message of support and motivation. Another great take home message was advice on how to market the group through social media sites such as Face-book and Twitter which had not occurred to many.

Finally the day did, without doubt achieve what it set out to do, to bring together like minded individuals who give up their time and efforts to make a difference within respiratory care. It has indeed motivated me to push forward with my group and I left inspired, enthused and looking forward to my first local group meeting and the next PCRS-UK workshop!”


The Primary Care Respiratory Society UK is grateful to Allen & Hanburys (the respiratory division of GlaxoSmithKline), Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd, Orion Pharma UK Ltd and Napp Pharmaceuticals Ltd for the provision of education grants towards the funding of the PCRS-UK nurse programme.  The sponsors have had no input into the content of this programme.