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PCRS-UK Regional Leads

Contact Your PCRS-UK Regional Lead 

The PCRS-UK regional and national leads offer a local point of contact for PCRS-UK in your region in the case of England or nation in the case of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The regional and national leads are all  experienced  members of  PCRS-UK and established respiratory leaders. 

If you want to get more involved with PCRS-UK or are keen to start influence and improve respiratory services  across a wider area but don't know where to start, your regional or national lead is be a good first port of call. 

North East England - Dr Basil Penney

Yorks and Humber - Dr Katherine Hickman

East Midlands - Dr Dermot Ryan

East of England - Dr Daryl Freeman

South East England - Vikki Knowles

London - Dr Noel Baxter

South Central England - Dr Andy Whittamore

South West England - Dr Steve Holmes

West Midlands - Sandy Walmsley

North West England - Dr Stephen Gaduzo

Northern Ireland - Dr Vinty McGovern

Wales - Dr Jackie Abbey

Scotland - Dr Iain Small

You can contact your local regional leader directly via our Members Directory HERE