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Research: What we do

PCRS aims to provide a ‘home’ for all those involved in primary  care respiratory research, from PhD students through to retirees. There are specific challenges to research in primary care not covered by other respiratory organisations, and we aim to fill that gap, as well as provide a friendly community for people to share their work and form new collaborations. Particularly, we offer

  • Annual conference: With a dedicated research stream to present primary care respiratory research, we now have even more time for oral presentations and a dedicated poster session.
  • Pre-conference research workshop: Held the afternoon before the conference, particularly aimed at early-mid career researchers, as a forum to get to know each other, hear from senior researchers about particular topics and receive feedback on our own research.
  • Public and participant involvement: This is now a requirement for many funding applications. Our Lay Reference Group are happy to help with identifying patients who can advise about research proposals and study documentation.
  • Help with recruiting for studies and dissemination: PCRS has a mailing list of over four thousand clinicians and others interested in respiratory medicine. We can include links in our fortnightly newsletter ‘In touch’  to surveys aimed at health professionals, or information to advertise participation in a study, which can be more far-reaching than you might be able to manage as an individual or organisation. Similarly, if you would like to disseminate research findings to clinicians, we can help with this.
  • Input/backing for a funding application: Assuming a research proposal fits within the aims of the organisation, and meets certain agreed criteria, we can provide backing as a supporter or collaborator for a funding application. This may be useful for funding bodies to see that your research is likely to be widely disseminated, and is likely to benefit the respiratory patient community.
  • Research network: please contact us if you would like ideas for collaborators, or input into a project. Longer-term we are hoping to set up an online searchable database of PCRS Research profiles, so you can see research interests and contact people directly.