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Spirometry training, what are my options?

  1. The Association of Respiratory Technology and Physiology (ARTP) spirometry course, developed in conjunction with PCRS, is a blended learning programme which comprises online training, and a half day practical skills workshop. PCRS has endorsed this course and recommends it as appropriate and relevant to primary care practice. The course is administered by the Institute of Clinical Science and Technology (ICST) on behalf of ARTP.  
  2. The training can be undertaken at 3 levels
    1. Full – both performing and interpretation
    2. Foundation – performing only
    3. Interpretation – interpreting only
  3. There is an online element for all three levels, and a half day practical skills workshop for Full and Foundation, but not for Interpretation only. The workshops will be run by individuals who are ARTP accredited trainer/assessors. These may be respiratory physiologists, specialist respiratory nurses, primary care nurses / nurse practitioners, physiotherapists, or GPs.
  4. The costs of the ARTP training are:
    1. Full certificate (blended/online) –  £500
    2. Foundation certificate (blended/online) –  £500
    3. Interpretation certificate (online only) – £450

    This cost includes assessment and entry onto the register.  
    You can see a full table of costs at https://www.clinicalscience.org.uk/artp-spirometry-programme-purchasing/.

  5. There are still other training options in spirometry from other individuals and organisations which provide training. All of them should be aiming to prepare healthcare professionals to deliver spirometry to the standard set out in the NHSE document ‘A guide to performing quality assured diagnostic spirometry’, and to be successful when they undergo assessment to join the National register. PCRS supports the availability of a range of training routes. If you choose an independent training provider, you will still need to sign up to be assessed for certification by ARTP, in order to join the National register.

    If you choose to receive training from independent training providers, you will need to find out the cost from them. 
  6. If CCGs or other groups are planning to train groups of healthcare professionals, there may be special arrangements for group training from training providers. Consult with individual training providers. 
  7. If your practice is providing spirometry in-house, it will be probably be the practice that funds your training.  If you are involved in a spirometry service that your CCG or other organisation is running, it is likely that they will fund you. In some instances, quality improvement money has been used – either from local budgets or Sustainability Transformation Partnerships (STPs) or national funds.

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