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The Primary Care Respiratory Society (PCRS) promotes better care and outcomes for people with respiratory diseases. It unites healthcare professionals in a supportive, inclusive community where every voice is heard, emphasising leadership and education.

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We are pleased to launch a set of educational tools on supporting people with asthma in the 21st century to coincide with World Asthma Day (7th May).


In light of recent media attention, it is important to consider the risks and benefits associated with prescribing and taking montelukast for asthma treatment. While montelukast remains a valuable asthma treatment, for some, it is key to be aware of potential neuropsychiatric reactions.


Doctors have reported a rise in the number of patients they are seeing with ill health due to the wider determinants of health, such as living in mouldy or damp homes, employment, poor air quality or education, a census has revealed –

PCRS is an ideal forum for busy doctors and nurses in primary care with newsletters, treatment summaries and great training videos for the whole team.

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