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Type: PCRS Position Statement Clinical Area: Greener Healthcare, Inhaler devices Status: Current

Concerns about the environmental impact of the propellant gases used in pressurised metered dose inhalers (pMDIs) and the plastics used in all single-use inhaler devices have made them an important focus for efforts to reduce the environmental impact of the NHS. Patients themselves may also be concerned about the environmental impact of their inhalers and express a preference for alternatives. PCRS do not support ‘blanket switching’ of patients from one inhaler type to another.

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Type: Videos / Webinars Clinical Area: Health inequalities Status: Current

Time to review: 15 minutes
Type: PCRS Position Statement Clinical Area: COPD Status: Current

PCRS advocate a pragmatic approach to the pharmacological management of patients with COPD guided by the predominance of breathlessness and/or exacerbations and the presence or absence of comorbid asthma. Clinicians must undertake a holistic evaluation for alternative causes of persistent daily symptoms or repeated exacerbations and consider seeking advice from a respiratory specialist before escalating to triple therapy (a respiratory specialist may be a GP/nurse/consultant).

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Type: Health policy information Clinical Area: Health inequalities Status: Current

The report explored the link between inequality and lung disease and the primary conclusions were:

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Type: Other information Clinical Area: Asthma, Respiratory tests and investigations Status: Current

A new report is showcasing the impact of a national AHSN Network programme to improve access to FeNO testing for asthma diagnosis. Fractional exhaled Nitric Oxide (FeNO) tests are simple, non-invasive tests to support the diagnosis of asthma. During the two-year programme an estimated 58,000 new asthmatics received a faster, more accurate diagnosis through the use of FeNO testing with an additional 1,200 devices entering use in primary care in England.

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Type: PCRS Position Statement Clinical Area: Tobacco smoking and nicotine Status: Current

It is the responsibility of every healthcare professional to treat tobacco dependency holistically, systematically and effectively. People should be offered the most effective and least harmful methods to support a quit attempt including very brief advice (VBA), behavioural support, pharmacological intervention (bupropion, varenicline) and nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). For people wishing to support their quit attempt with NRT, short- and long-acting options should be discussed including lozenges, microtabs, gums, sprays, vapourless nicotine inhalers, inhalators and patches.

Time to review: 30 minutes
Type: Podcasts Clinical Area: Asthma Status: Current

Viv Marsh (Asthma Nurse Specialist) is joined by Amanda Roberts (PCRS Patient Reference Group and PCRS Education Committee Patient Representative) to discuss all things Asthma Action Plans in this episode of the PCRS Podcast. Amanda shares her experiences, hopes, and desires for what she would like to see in her own personal Asthma Action Plan and Viv shares her expertise as to why asthma patients should have one, how one should be created, and what it should entail.