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Catch up on all of the latest respiratory healthcare news and events, updates from PCRS and the latest issue of our members' magazine, Primary Care Respiratory Update (PCRU).

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Latest news

World Lung Day - 25 September

23rd September 2022

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On World Lung Day, 25 September 2022, the Forum of International Respiratory Societies (FIRS) calls on governments worldwide to address stark global inequalities in respiratory health. The COVID-19 pandemic may have subsided, but its impact highlights a global lung health crisis that has not gone away.

12th September 2022
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PCRS joins the nation in offering our sincere and heartfelt condolences to the Royal Family on the death of Her Majesty the Queen.

1st September 2022
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The PCRS conference is one of the highlights of the PCRS calendar.

31st August 2022
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After nearly three years in the role, Lynn Ladbrook, PCRS CEO, has announced that she will be leaving the Primary Care Respiratory Society at the end of September to take on a n

Events and webinars

A group of clinicians at the PCRS Conference
The UK's leading respiratory conference for clinicians working primary, community and integrated care comes to Telford in September.
A man at a computer with headphone on watching a webinar
Part of our Digital Technology Webinar Series 2022, exploring the ethics and inequalities of digital technology
Woman HCP talking to older man with hand on his shoulder
This webinar is part of the PCRS Challenging perceptions of COPD campaign which seeks to change attitudes to COPD.

The PCRS Podcast

Listen to the advice of our clinical experts in our exclusive series of podcasts on topics such as diagnosis of asthma, tackling SABA over-reliance and the use of rescue packs.

The Primary Care Respiratory Update (PCRU)

PCRU is packed with useful features, clinical updates, educational updates, respiratory news, summaries of respiratory-related policy news and also featuring summaries of npj Primary Care Respiratory Medicine and other respiratory related journal articles, this jam-packed update has everything for clinicians working with patients with respiratory illnesses in a primary or community care setting.


This edition of PCRU features guest editor Nicola Strandring-Brown, a primary care nurse working in South Yorkshire and PCRS Committee Member.

We take a welcome look at the airway as a whole (yes, nose and all!) as Carol Stonham reminds us that while for some, allergic rhinitis is merely uncomfortable and inconvenient, for others it is the difference between well controlled lung disease and persistent problems and repeated hospital admissions throughout the summer season. She has written an excellent article reminding us of both the mechanisms by which allergic rhinitis occurs and how we can best support our asthma patients in managing these troublesome symptoms.


This edition of PCRU features the final editor's round up from Dr Iain Small, who has expertly lead our newsletter for many years.

Check out Katherine Hickman’s superb asthma building blocks – get those right and your asthma care would be unarguably better and more worthwhile. The piece dovetails beautifully with Frances Barrett’s item, which, for those of you, like me, who want to see the picture as well as the words, adds value to our learning process. Linked again (can you see what we did here) is Georgie Herskovits’ piece on asthma in schools.

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