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Catch up on all of the latest respiratory healthcare news and events, updates from PCRS and the latest issue of our members' magazine, Primary Care Respiratory Update (PCRU).

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In light of recent media attention, it is important to consider the risks and benefits associated with prescribing and taking montelukast for asthma treatment. While montelukast remains a valuable asthma treatment, for some, it is key to be aware of potential neuropsychiatric reactions. These have been reported in patients of all ages and include sleep disturbances, behaviour changes, depression, agitation, and, albeit rarely, hallucinations and suicidal behavior.

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Doctors have reported a rise in the number of patients they are seeing with ill health due to the wider determinant
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In response to the BBC’s Morning Live segment broadcast 12th February on asthma, PCRS has formulated a joint response with the British Thoracic Society raising our concerns of t
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Today the British Thoracic Society (BTS) and the Primary Care Respiratory Society (PCRS)

Events and webinars

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At the Primary Care Respiratory Society (PCRS), we believe in ‘optimal’ respiratory health for all. Our aim is that, together, we can benefit every person with, or at risk of, lung disease. In delivery of this vision, we will be launching a set of educational tools and hosting a webinar focused on the GINA approach to managing asthma.
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The UK's leading respiratory conference for clinicians working primary, community and integrated care comes to Telford in September.

The PCRS Podcast

Listen to the advice of our clinical experts in our exclusive series of podcasts on topics such as diagnosis of asthma, tackling SABA over-reliance and the use of rescue packs.

The Primary Care Respiratory Update (PCRU)

PCRU is packed with useful features, clinical updates, educational updates, respiratory news, summaries of respiratory-related policy news and also featuring summaries of npj Primary Care Respiratory Medicine and other respiratory related journal articles, this jam-packed update has everything for clinicians working with patients with respiratory illnesses in a primary or community care setting.


In this edition, we focus on COPD and revisit the 2017 PCRS consensus on COPD treatment titled 'Keeping it Simple.' The updated algorithm aligns with the latest GOLD and NICE guidance, and maintains a focus on patient-centred treatment grounded in evidence, medication optimisation, and continuous monitoring. The article highlights the ongoing evolution in COPD management while prioritising patient well-being within the ever-changing healthcare landscape.

This issue also features an article on COVID-19 which classifies individuals at a heightened risk of progressing to severe illness during the upcoming winter, presenting criteria for adults and children with different health conditions. It provides a thorough guide for addressing COVID-19 in primary and community care settings, covering assessment, management, and treatment options.

As we navigate the evolving landscape of respiratory care, this edition aims to inspire confidence in managing COPD, addressing COVID-19 concerns, and ultimately reflecting on the loss of Dr Iain Small who really was one in a million.


This spring, Primary Care Respiratory Update comes to you with a new focus on asthma. Our contributor bring you pragmatic and succinct information that you can adopt in your practice to support early diagnosis, improved management, reduced reliance on short-acting bronchodilator inhalers and advice on managing patients with severe asthma.

PCRS has looked to the latest Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) approach to asthma treatment to see how the new dual (ICS/Formoterol) combination treatment option for people aged 12 fits in the treatment and this issue features a simple algorithm for healthcare practitioners that we have developed.

This issue of PCRU also includes a practical guide to delivering an asthma review in just 10 minutes and feedback from three patients one of whom describes their asthma review which is conducted solely by an online form – not something recommended by PCRS.

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