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The Primary Care Respiratory Update (PCRU) is published quarterly in hard copy and distributed to all members of the Primary Care Respiratory Society UK. Packed with useful features, clinical updates, educational updates, respiratory news, summaries of respiratory-related policy news and also featuring summaries of npj Primary Care Respiratory Medicine and other respiratory related journal articles, this jam-packed update has everything for clinicians working with patients with respiratory illnesses in a primary or community care setting.

Issue 14: Spring 2018 featuring...
Asthma Guidelines in Practice
Respiratory Infection and antibiotic prescribing
Appropriate use of rescue packs
Stepping down ICS in COPD

Issue 13: Winter 2017 featuring...
Supported self-management for respiratory conditions
Making exercise work for breathless people
Conference feedback

Issue 12: Autumn 2017 featuring...
COPD Treatment Guidelines: Going for GOLD?
Celebrating 30 years of PCRS-UK
Antibiotic prescribing for children with coughs and colds

Issue 11: Spring 2017 featuring...
Early and accurate diagnosis
Peak flow and microspirometry
Featuring pull out wall chart on 
equipment to support diagnosis

Issue 10: Winter 2016 featuring...
Primary care perspective on revisions to British Guideline on the management of asthma
Learning from the national COPD audit results
Spirometry certification
Featuring pull out wall chart on 
nutrition in COPD

Issue 9: Autumn 2016 featuring...
Treating tobacco addiction for
long term lending funds
Featuring wall chart on CO testing and treatment of tobacco addiction

Issue 8: Summer 2016 featuring...
Self Management and rescue medication
Clinical Audit
Using templates to improve care

Issue 7: Spring 2016 featuring...
Campaign for better education
Featuring centre-fold on
building blocks of a good respiratory review

Issue 6: December 2015 featuring...
Managing respiratory tract infections
Features centre-fold on 

Issue 5: Sept/Oct 2015 featuring...
Getting the diagnosis right
Features centre-fold on 

Issue 4: May/June 2015 featuring...
Striving for best respiratory care
Allergic rhinitis
NRAD: 1 year on...

Issue 3: February 2015 featuring...
COPD - A look at all aspects of COPD management and how we can prevent/manage exacerbations
​Features centre-fold on 
COPD management

Issue 2: November 2014 featuring...
Whose health is it anyway? The patient perspective
Are we as patient-centred as we really think we are?

Issue 1: July 2014 featuring...
Why people die from asthma: have we become complacent in primary care?
Top tips for getting the basics right in asthma care