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Greener Healthcare

With air pollution being a significant factor in the quality of life of patients with lung conditions, the PCRS Greener Healthcare Initiative sets out to promote practical action that can help to reduce the environmental impact of respiratory healthcare.
Greener Healthcare

Everyone has a right to breath clean air, to live life well and without the fear and worry of the effect of air pollution on their doorstep.

Increasingly we are all re-evaluating our personal carbon footprint, reducing waste, recycling where we can, using less plastic and trying to use our cars less – but we all need to do more and that includes the healthcare sectors. We are acutely aware of the detrimental impact of air pollution on patients with COPD but also acutely aware of the role healthcare plays in contributing to emissions.

It’s a big ask but there are actions that we can take at a personal, professional and system wide level to start to address what might look like an enormous task.

Carol Stonham
Executive Chair of PCRS
We are grateful to Chiesi for the provision of grant to support the activities of the PCRS Greener Respiratory Healthcare campaign. The campaign has been solely organised by PCRS and Chiesi has had no input in content.
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