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Inspiring best practice in respiratory care

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This website is for healthcare professionals only

Peer Support Networks

Peer support networks

Whether you are a practice nurse or locality lead, being responsible for improving respiratory care for patients can be both daunting and frustrating, especially when you’re juggling workloads and trying to keep up-to-date with the latest developments.

A local network is the ideal way to bring colleagues together in your area providing a forum to keep up to date, share best practice with local colleagues and benefit from peer support. 

There are around 50 local groups that are affiliated to PCRS -  find your nearest affiliated peer support network visit our interactive map. 

If you can’t see a local network close to you, why not consider setting one up?  Coordinating a peer support network is incredibly rewarding and can be a lot of fun!  Running a group can also help to grow  leadership skills – great if you are seeking to develop your professional portfolio.  We know that running a network can seem daunting but with our support, and  recent advances in technology it is easier than you think – check out our step by step guidance and templates for more information.  We can also put you in touch with another network leader to learn more about how they run their network and organise events to help get you started.  PCRS can help you form a local peer support group and if you affiliate your local group to us you will also be able to access amazing support and benefits including:-

Access all PCRS Membership benefits

Free membership for network lead

Access expertise for your events

 Access our exclusive video and speaker bank for your events

Lead your group with confidence

Exclusive training and development for group leaders

Library of resources

Tools and resources to support you as network leaders

Promote your events with us

Opportunity to promote your network and events through PCRS


Your own network of leaders and mentors

An exclusive WhatsApp Group for network leaders to share experiences, tips and advice

Contact us at info@pcrs-uk.org for more information.


The Hospital Saturday Fund

PCRS is grateful to HSF and Simpson Millar for their support of the Peer Support Network programme. The programme has been solely organised by PCRS.