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Fit to care

As a busy healthcare professional, your own professional development can be the last thing on your mind when you are trying to deliver high quality care to your patients as well as dealing with all the everyday matters of working in primary and community care. However, it is the responsibility of every healthcare professional to ensure that they are trained appropriately to be able to deliver the management and care they are required to perform.

PCRS has developed a document called Fit to Care which provides concise information based on three different  professional levels of standard, advanced and expert to help:

  • Guide healthcare professionals to facilitate and deliver high quality respiratory care in line with national evidence-based guidance
  • Aid healthcare professionals to assess their own competence to deliver such care, and identify and seek appropriate training and ongoing professional development supported by their employers
  • Support all healthcare professionals to be accountable and trained to provide such care to a given standard, thereby reducing variation in care and ensuring patients can expect to receive high quality evidence based respiratory care irrespective of who is delivering such care or where in the community that care is being provided
  • Provide a reference for service managers to ensure the provision of appropriate educational support programmes for employed healthcare professionals
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