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Conference Abstracts

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PCRS Respiratory Conference 2021 Abstracts

At this year’s virtual conference, delegates will be able to view abstract posters and presentations in our virtual poster gallery.

Title Authors / Institution
Poor adherence in exacerbating COPD patients: magnitude and related factors at baseline in the MAGNIFY pragmatic trial (ID 346)

Conference Winning Abstract

Lee K, Carter V, Skinner D, Dickens AP, Beeh K, Chalmers J, Clark A, Halpin D, Hannan N, Kaplan A, Kostikas K, Pinnock H, Roche N, Usmani O, Boven JV, Mastoridis P, Jones R, Price D.
Academic Primary Care, Division of Applied Health Sciences, University of Aberdeen, Polwarth Building, Foresterhill, Aberdeen AB
Kickstarting the #RightInhalerImage Campaign (ID 313)

Patient Centred Poster Winner

Marsh V, Nelson S, Fulton O, Herskovits G, Kirkpatrick C, Subhani A.
University of Edinburgh
Delivery of supported self-management in remote asthma reviews: a systematic rapid realist review (ID 274)

Scientific Research Poster Winner

Kinley E, Skene I, Steed L, Pinnock H & McClatchey K.
University of Edinburgh
Is an innovative digital breathing & energy management programme effective in reducing symptoms of Long COVID? (ID 309)

Best Practice Poster Winner

Moore JA, Plumbe J, Plumbe K, Hilliard N, Beckett N, Burch T, Bahadur K,
COPD or not COPD- That is the question (ID 276) Humphreys LD, Whittaker J, Jones SM, Tinnion P.
liverpool university foundation trust
Greener Inhaler Prescriptions in Primary Care (ID 277) Ball AJ
Barking, Havering and Redbridge Universities NHS Trust
Exploring how patients use a connected Internet-Of-Things system (A4A+) with off-the-shelf CE-marked devices to support asthma self-management? A mixed method study (ID 281) Hui CY, McKinstry B, Buchner M, Fulton O, Pinnock H for the A4A+ project team
Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research, Usher Institute, The University of Edinburgh
BOC’s Remote Pulmonary Rehabilitation Offer in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic – An All Service Evaluation (ID 282) Kensington MJ, Hollier SE
BOC Healthcare
Improving Asthma Management in Primary School Children (ID 283) Edwards DM
Are patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease at Pendle Medical Partnership managed in accordance with recommended national guidelines? (ID 284) Shafai MA
University of Central Lancashire
Evaluation of patient characteristics in relation to uptake of BOC’s Remote Pulmonary Rehabilitation offer in response to the COVID-19 pandemic (ID 285) Kensington MJ, Hollier SE
BOC Healthcare
A toolkit to support identification and prioritisation of at-risk asthma and COPD patients (ID 286) Thomas S (1), Patel B (2), Dhillon J (3), Johal J, Robinson T (4).

1. Prescribing Decision Support, Keele University. 2. Rushall Medical Centre, Walsall. 3. Umbrella Medical Group, Walsall. 4. Dudley CCG.
Keele University
Qualitative evaluation of Virtual Pulmonary Rehabilitation in Tower Hamlets (ID 291) Simpson J, Davies S, Baluyut G, Harries S, Tsim J
Barts Health NHS Trust
Adapting the IMP2ART implementation strategy to the context of primary care during a COVID-19 pandemic (ID 292) McClatchey K, Barat A, Delaney B, Marsh V, Jackson T, Kinley E, Holmes S, Hammersley V, Steed E, Taylor, SJC, Pinnock H
The University of Edinburgh
Is inhaler technique training for non-respiratory specialist healthcare professionals adequate? (ID 293) Anderson K, Davis C, Hardstaff R
Southern Health NHS Trust
Does a Supported Discharge and Admission Avoidance service improve outcomes for patients with COPD? (ID 294) Anderson K, Field S, Hardstaff R
Southern Health NHS Trust
Review of Home Oxygen prescribing school age children: Supporting the need for continuous improvement of service users (ID 295) Lock C, Nzirawa T, Rawsthorne T
Air Liquide Home Healthcare, Home Oxygen Services
Implementation of a Computer Guided Consultation (intelligent clinical decision support system software) for COPD patients in NHS Bedfordshire: evaluation of clinical and health economic benefits (ID 296) Chakrabarti B, Pearson MG, McKnight E, Davies L, England P, Reed L, Sergeant K, Angus RM
Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Reducing SABA over-reliance in NHS Lothian through prescribing data (ID 297) Daines L, Johnston K
University of Edinburgh
Compliance with ARTP standards for diagnostic spirometry in English general practices (ID 298) O'Driscoll M, Freeman D, McKnight E, Bowles K, Cooper R, Leyshon J, Potts C, Haughney J
National Services for Health Improvement
Economic analysis of NHS England’s policy to reduce the carbon impact of inhalers by encouraging a rapid prescribing switch from Pressurised Metered Dose Inhalers (pMDIs) to Dry Powder Inhalers (DPIs) (ID 299) Bar-Katz V, Wooley, N, Vitello, E

Frontier Economics Limited
Bringing audit data and quality improvement (QI) to life using virtual tools and platforms (ID 300) Hickman K, Andrews R, Roberts CM
Royal College of Physicians (RCP)
Elevated COPD patient engagement and timely care prioritisation facilitated by use of text message accuRx Florey questionnaire in routine primary care. (ID 302) Griffith A*; Burke S* and Mathew V**

* GlaxoSmithKline UK Ltd. (GSK)

** accuRx Ltd.
GlaxoSmithKline UK Ltd
A comparison of two research strategies to prospectively recruit patients presenting with breathlessness awaiting diagnosis in primary care. (ID 303) Doe G, Wathall S, Edwards S, Evans H, Clanchy J, Steiner MC and Evans RA.
University of Leicester
Evaluation of myCOPD, a digital self-management technology, in a remote and rural population. (ID 306) Beth Sage; Rowena Cooper; Adam Giangreco; Michelle Duffy; Elaine Finlayson; Shellie Hamilton; Mahri Swanson; Judith Colligan; Joanna Gilliatt; Mairi McIvor
NHS Highland

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