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Kickstarting the #RightInhalerImage Campaign (ID 313)

Marsh V, Nelson S, Fulton O, Herskovits G, Kirkpatrick C, Subhani A.

University of Edinburgh

Funding: None


Images used by mainstream and medical media frequently portray incorrect/inappropriate inhaler use, continually re-enforcing poor health messages to people with asthma or other respiratory disease, and health professionals who are not experienced in respiratory care.
We convened a group of respiratory healthcare professionals and patient representatives from across the UK who united to address their concerns about media portrayal of inhaler use.
Analysis of the problem:
Inhalers deliver vital medicine to the airways of people with respiratory disease but are not always easy to use. Incorrect use reduces delivery of medicine to the airways resulting in sub-optimal disease control. It is unrealistic to expect those who publish images of inhalers to understand the intricacies of each device, what type of medicine it contains and how it should be used. However, there are core messages that could easily be reflected in the choice of image that would accurately inform those who view them.
Strategy for change:
We devised a campaign focussing on a simple strategy (see Fig 1) to kickstart conversations and role-model desired behaviours. Images should portray:
1. Correct use of a device appropriate to the individual
2. Use of preventer inhalers
We produced a toolkit containing a range of resources to raise awareness of the problem and to offer alternative images for media publications and clinical teaching.
Over 70 healthcare professionals, patients and voluntary sector from 25 organisations signed up to promote the campaign.
There was wide engagement on social media platforms on launch day 5th May for World Asthma Day, including from the World Health Organization who wish to raise global awareness.
Next steps:
We plan to continue to raise awareness and work with a partner to build on our campaign and to develop an image repository.
For further information see the current webpage

Abstract poster - Kickstarting the #RightInhalerImage Campaign (ID 313)

Conflicts of interest: None

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