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Viv Marsh

photo of Viv MarshViv Marsh

RGN, RSCN, SCPHN, Independent Prescriber

BSc (hons) in Specialist Practice, PGCE

Viv is employed by the Usher Institute at the University of Edinburgh as the Facilitation Coordinator for the IMP2ART study which is a research programme around supporting self-management in asthma. Prior to this, for 7 years Viv worked for Education for Health as the Clinical Education Lead for Asthma and Allergy and Viv believes that excellence in education for health care professionals is the key to improving health outcomes for people with asthma and allergy.

Viv works part time in primary care managing patients with respiratory disease and also works closely with a CCG around early and holistic interventions for children with difficult asthma.

Viv has a number of additional professional interests including a role on the editorial board for a nursing journal, writing for publication and is a member of the Asthma UK Council for Health Professionals. Viv is also on the committee for the National Paediatric Respiratory and Allergy Nurses Group, where she leads on primary care issues, and was a panelist on the National Review of Asthma Deaths.

Viv's sessions

Taking the CYP asthma Bundle to the Next Level

Friday, - in Ironbridge 1