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Sharon Hall

photo of Sharon HallI originally trained as a GP in East Sussex, before retraining as a general paediatrician with special interests in allergy and gastroenterology. I currently work as tertiary allergy at St Mar's Hospital in London with a workload of maily complex multisystem allergic disease and gastrointestinal allergy. Throughout my career I have been focussed on integrated career and inequalities and continue to work with the development of our STP ICS for Asthma in Children and Young people, I lead the North and West London Paediatric allergy network, am an active member of our regional asthma network and am facilitator and co-lead of the ICHT Asthma BIg room.

Non medically I run the ICHT I-CAN network and love watersports, music, gardening, reading and tap dancing

Sharon's sessions

Respiratory tests, investigations and treatment in children

Friday, - in Beckbury 1/2 (Ground Floor)