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Jane Watson

photo of Jane WatsonJane is a registered adult nurse. She has specialised in Respiratory medicine since 2001 and has gained experience in a variety of healthcare settings, including community and primary care, as well as teaching in HEI.

She is very interested in investigating factors that influence behaviour change, which not only impacts upon health related quality of life for this population, but also has the potential to support healthcare practitioners.

Jane is passionate about COPD care, improving the research to practice delay and advancing advanced clinical practice roles at a practice and strategic level. Jane is particularly enjoying her personal research skill development and the new evidence that is being discovered within her COPD, and completed her PhD in 2022. And is PCRS research lead.

Jane's sessions

Getting started in research - baby steps

Friday, - in Coalport 1

What's the latest in respiratory research? Your essential update

Friday, - in Ironbridge 1