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Alison Manson

Alison Manson

Alison’s career in healthcare started over 30 years ago in nursing, she then went on to join the private sector and spent over 15 years working across the whole healthcare system, developing new models of care and supporting organisational development through change management and leadership training. She has been involved in the development of person- centred outcomes for many years and over the last 3 years developing and supporting primary care to introduce and deliver Group Consultations (also known as Shared Medical Appointments / Group Clinics). She is now working tirelessly to train, mentor and support clinicians to introduce, embed and spread Group Consultations in their routine practice. Her ambition has always been to support and drive the NHS to be a more person centred organisation and her vision and determination to achieve this is what drives, motivates and keeps her going on her travels all over the country.

Date and Time Session Stream type Role
Friday 20th
Making time for comprehensive respiratory care using the group consultation Service development Speaker