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Alison Manson

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Alison Manson

Group Consultations - National Training Lead

Alisons’ career in healthcare began over 35 years ago where her passion for person centred care was born. Then moving into the world of commerce where she developed the skills and tools to support meaningful and sustainable change. These skills along with her clinical experiences have combined well over the last 25 years in her work supporting the NHS through whole scale change. Over the last 4 years she has worked tirelessly in the development and delivery of the UK based group consultations model. This work has involved collaboration with patients, national and international thought leaders and resulted in the current learning and development support model. To date Alison and her team have worked with over 400 organisations to train, coach and support teams to develop and deliver care in this way She passionately believes that Group Consultations are a ‘real game changer’ for the NHS - patients, clinicians and the system!

Date and Time Session Stream type Role
Friday 20th
Making time for comprehensive respiratory care using the group consultation Service Development Speaker