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Ruth Tapsell

photo of Ruth TapsellLifestyle medicine: Can we hold back the tsunami of chronic diseases?

Ruth is a GP in Devon with a passion for helping her patients to regain control of their health through lifestyle changes.

6 years ago Ruth and her team changed their approach to managing obesity and type 2 diabetes. Since then they have achieved remarkable outcomes, helping their patients to lose weight, reverse their type 2 diabetes and come off or avoid many medications. And it’s not just about diabetes. Many other conditions have resolved or improved along the way.

They have found immense job satisfaction in seeing their patients being empowered rather than medicated.

At a time when modern chronic diseases are overwhelming the NHS, should we continue firefighting with the latest expensive drugs? Or should we embrace evidence-based lifestyle interventions that can be more effective than drugs?

Ruth's sessions

Lifestyle medicine

Saturday, - in Ironbridge 1

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