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How do I get assessed and included on the register?

  1. You need to go through the ARTP assessment and certification process to demonstrate your competence in performing and/or interpreting spirometry. Only the ARTP assessment process can do this, using ARTP accredited assessors. You can apply online to be assessed and certified. (You may need to go into the booking section and skip the training option to go straight for assessment)
  2. The assessment and certification process is now separated out from the training. You can go through the assessment process to be certified as competent without undergoing any training if you feel you are already competent. This is known as the Experienced practitioner scheme (EPS ).
  3. If you are applying to be assessed for Full or Foundation, then you are required to attend an assessment workshop to demonstrate competence in performing spirometry. If you are being assessed for interpretation only, you will be sent spirometry traces and will complete a portfolio for submission to ARTP. 
  4. The cost of being assessed and certified as competent, including entry onto the register is as follows: 
  • Assessment only - Full certificate – £225
  • Assessment only -  Foundation certificate – £225
  • Assessment  only -  Interpretation certificate – £175

(The only exception to this is that assessment is included within the ARTP PCRS endorsed spirometry blended learning course.)

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