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Association of Respiratory Nurse Specialists conference bursary

ARNS supports applications for assistance towards course fees for members and non-members. As a member you can also apply for a bursary towards attending a respiratory conference or the purchase of books, to support your learning:

  • It should be made clear in the application form how the individual hopes to improve the care of their patients by attending the course/conference
  • All forms must be completed fully before submission
  • We allocate a total of £5,000 for a twelve month period for at least 8 bursaries
  • Bursaries can only be awarded for a maximum of 50% of the cost of the course/conference
  • The average bursary will be for £250 but all applications will be given consideration depending on their merit
  • Bursaries will usually be paid to the institution which is providing the course or conference; if this is not practical then costs will be reimbursed only with appropriate receipts or invoices
  • Bursaries can be applied for throughout the year but will only be awarded twice a year in March and September of each year
  • Successful applicants must agree to give feed back to ARNS within 12 months, either as a poster for the conference, an article for the newsletter or a brief presentation at the annual conference
  • If you receive a bursary and fail to complete the course or attend the conference, you may be asked to pay back the bursary

Apply for a bursary

Deadline for bursaries is 5th March and 5th September each year.

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