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Commit to climate action with the Greener Respiratory Healthcare Pathway


The PCRS Greener Respiratory Healthcare Pathway is the latest in a suite of tools available to support colleagues working in primary care to understand and deliver greener and more sustainable high quality respiratory healthcare that is kinder to environment.

As world leaders meet in Glasgow and set out their commitments to mitigate the devastating effects on climate change of human activity now is the time to look at our own contributions and what we can change in our daily professional lives. The Greener Respiratory Healthcare Pathway provides a conceptual framework built around the lived experience of patients with respiratory disease through which to understand and identify ways to minimise the impact of healthcare on the environment. The Pathway also provides tools and guidance on how to support patients to minimise the impact of negative environmental factors on their own respiratory health. The Pathway provides a link to a range of resources that focus not only on respiratory healthcare delivery but on ways to become a local greener respiratory healthcare champion and influence local health and social policies.

You can access the PCRS Greener Respiratory Healthcare Pathway and all the associated tools and information through Greener Healthcare section of our website

Date of preparation: 2 November 2021