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PCRS Affiliated Group Leaders networking event

The annual networking event for affiliated group leaders and their deputies and anyone interested in setting up a new group is being held immediately before the first satellite symposium at the PCRS conference.

The PCRS network of around 50 affiliated local groups has much to celebrate, with groups meeting regularly to discuss a wide range of topical respiratory issues from reducing steroids in COPD, implementation of local and national respiratory guidelines, interstitial lung disease and spirometry training.

This year feedback from group leaders has shown that the network is thriving, “This has been a very rewarding group to run with consistent attendance”, said one group leader, while another reported: “I am still passionate about providing these meetings”.

Another comment was: “We are building on our success and interest and the CCG is keen to support us. It is difficult to run the group whilst working full time but it is extremely rewarding and well received.”

The meeting will give participants an opportunity to quiz fellow group leaders, learn how to overcome challenges, pick up some tips for getting the most out their groups and how PCRS can support leaders.

A common challenge for groups is a lack of time and they will be able to find out from this meeting how they can make time, delegate and share the workload of running groups.  Other common concerns are how to find speakers, what topics to discuss, how to work with pharmaceutical companies and win sponsorship, how to keep numbers up at meetings and the best times of day to hold meetings.

PCRS Vice Chair, Carol Stonham, who will be running the meeting says: “The aim of this meeting is for everybody to pool ideas. For every leader that has faced a particular challenge somebody else will have come across the same issue and will have found a solution.

“This year there have been many positive comments from group leaders in their annual returns and we know that local group members really value their groups and the meetings.  PCRS is very proud of the efforts that leaders put in to make a success of their groups.  We know that people work hard to run their groups and keep them going and we hope that this meeting will give all our leaders and aspiring leaders some support and a much needed boost.”

The meeting is being held at the International Centre, Telford, 27 September, 16:45 - 18:15. 

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