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PCRS Conference Organising Committee seeks new members


Anne Rodman, the current longest serving member of the PCRS Conference Organising Committee (COC), will be stepping down as Co-Chair at this year’s PCRS Respiratory Conference after six years of service.

Katherine Hickman will be taking over as Chair of the 2020 conference supported by Joint Deputy Co-Chairs Darush Attar-Zadeh and Nicola Wood.

PCRS is currently looking to recruit new members for the committee to start planning for the 2020 conference, which starts immediately following this year’s conference.

Anne says she has gained enormously both personally and professionally from her involvement with the committee. “The role gives you a much better understanding of what it takes to organise a national conference and is an opportunity to find out what is happening in the respiratory world.  As a PCRS member when you come to conference each year you meet people and have a great time and you learn so much but when you are a member of the COC you get a much deeper insight into what is going on in all the different respiratory areas and disciplines.

“Doing this job also looks great on your CV because for employers this role demonstrates leadership skills, commitment to the task and an ability to look outwards to wider respiratory developments.”

Anne says a highlight of her time on the committee was taking part in a conference Lung Run a few years ago which all members of the committee participated in to demonstrate their commitment to their message of the importance for patients of becoming more active. “I had to do a whole running programme in order to get fit for the run,” she recalls.

She also became involved in two research projects after she heard about them prior to the conference from other COC committee members.  This meant she made a point of meeting the researchers on their exhibition stands.   

“I have really enjoyed every single minute of my involvement with the COC and I have learned so much from other members of this multidisciplinary committee in planning and organising the PCRS conference,” says Anne.

If you would like to apply, please log in and complete the committee application form and submit with a CV, by midnight on Sunday 29th September 2019.