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A new logo and a more contemporary look for the society is being launched today at the PCRS National Respiratory Conference.

Speaking about the new look, Dr Noel Baxter, PCRS executive chair said: ‘’We hope our members will agree the new logo does a great job of expressing respiratory care via the new lung graphic whilst the person graphic at the centre provides a stronger human touch, conveying the real strength of PCRS in connecting people as part of a dedicated community of practice.’’

‘’The PCRS blue, an integral part of our heritage since the society was formed over 30 years ago, has been retained whilst the other colours have been updated to work more effectively in the digital media and to provide a fresh and contemporary look.’’

‘’Whilst ‘Primary Care Respiratory Society UK (PCRS-UK)’ remains the legal name of the society, we have dropped the UK suffix from the logo and our marketing because it is clear that the vast majority of people think about us, talk about us, and search for us on Google as PCRS.’’

The new look is the first step of a wider programme to improve the society’s marketing impact through transforming its use of digital media. The next few months will see a stronger presence for PCRS on social media, enhancements to the PCRS website and transformation of Primary Care Respiratory Update into a digital publication.

Visit the PCRS website to see the new look in action.

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