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PCRS launches online giving page


PCRS has launched an online giving page where people can donate money to support our work to influence respiratory healthcare policy and campaign for improvements in respiratory care.

This has been prompted by unsolicited donations we receive from time to time from our members. These are people who recognise the impact we have on raising standards of respiratory care or feel they have benefitted professionally from our work and resources and want to give something back.

Like other professional organisations we are funded by membership subscription and delegate fees for our annual primary care respiratory conference. However our fees are much lower than many other professional societies. We aim to keep them affordable in order to be able to make our educational resources and events as accessible to as many healthcare professionals as possible. This enables us to have a greater influence on standards of respiratory care through our network of members across the UK.

Much of our work is made possible thanks to corporate sponsorship but the amount we can do is limited by the resources we have.

Any gifts that we receive enable us to launch new resources and campaigns, increase the impact we have and be slightly less dependent on the pharmaceutical industry.