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Primary Care Respiratory Academy 2019 events launched


Registration is now open for the Primary Care Respiratory Academy 2019 Clinical, Commissioning and Pharmacy events.

The programme starts in April and offers: 20 full day clinical roadshows, 10 full day commissioning workshops and 5 community pharmacy evening meetings

Clinical Roadshows

These events focus on key respiratory issues, while sharing practical tips and techniques that will help healthcare professionals deliver high-value respiratory care in their practices. Presentations are interspersed with interactive sessions throughout the day.

Content is designed for all practice-based healthcare professionals who interact with patients that have respiratory disease.

Commissioning Workshops

These one-day workshops are specifically designed for those involved in the design and delivery of healthcare services. They offer insight into the tools and resources needed to help provide the best-possible population-level respiratory outcomes. Based on the success of the last two years’ workshops, the events now include more outcomes-based discussion, more practical tools and resources, and more group activities to help encourage high-value service delivery.

Pharmacy meetings

Respiratory is a high priority for community pharmacists as they manage sore throats, cough, hay fever, inhalers, antibiotics, flu vaccinations, tobacco dependency, medicines management and self-management advice daily.  These events, which benefit from input from local experts, are designed to ensure community pharmacists have the competencies they need to provide the best possible care for patients with respiratory illness.

Dr Steve Holmes, PCRS Education Lead, says: “These PCRA events are a good way to keep up to date with the latest clinical developments in respiratory. They are also an opportunity to network and discuss with experts and local clinicians (GP, nurses, pharmacists and others) about how they are delivering care locally.  They will help you to take real clinical tips, topics and actions back to your busy work environment and make a real difference.

“If you are involved in commissioning services (or going to be soon) the commissioning workshops will enable you to hear about what is happening elsewhere.  They will also provide you with some of the key drivers and pointers that will enable you to make your services the best they can be for your locality. They offer the chance to work with clinician commissioners who have been involved in the process and made an impact.”