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Respiratory Futures launches new jargon tool

With approaches to patient care changing all the time, and a recent BBC news article about NHS ‘gobbledygook’, there has never been a better time to offer a dynamic glossary for the terms we commonly use.

The UK’s respiratory health sector is increasingly diverse and, whilst many HCPs still work in traditional settings, others are involved in project-based matrix teams. These may be led by an Academic Health Science Network, where colleagues come from beyond the traditional healthcare system, or involve other stakeholders.

Whilst this is the very point of collaborative partnerships, it doesn’t always make it easy for colleagues to hit the ground running on a shared project.

From QALY to QIPP to QOF, this Jargon buster will evolve over time and Respiratory Futures welcomes your ideas to help keep it up to date whilst introducing new terms as they evolve.

Visit the Jargon buster: http://www.respiratoryfutures.org.uk/jargonbuster/  

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