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Katherine Hickman

PCRS in Conversation - Accountability and responsibility

At the Primary Care Respiratory Society (PCRS), we believe in 'optimal'; respiratory health for all. Our aim is that, together, we can benefit every person with, or at risk of, lung disease.

This webinar focuses on the topic of accountability and responsibility with guest speaker Beverley Bostock. We will explore where the responsibility lies for maintaining optimal health and how to draw a line between what you do as a clinician and what people living with respiratory conditions need to take responsibility for. 

We'll also discuss responsibility for delegation of clinical care, based on new guidance for doctors. How does that affect nurses, pharmacists and the extended clinical team? Finally, what about clinical responsibility versus guidelines? Where do you stand if local formularies or national guidance hasn't caught up with the evidence? Where does your accountability begin and end? With her medicolegal, ethical, clinical and practical hats on, Bev will discuss all of this in conversation with PCRS Executive Chair, Katherine Hickman.