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Using Data and Dashboards to Improve Respiratory Care

On Demand Webinar: Part of our 2022 Digital Technology Webinar Series

Part of our Digital Technology Webinar Series 2022, exploring the ethics and inequalities of digital technology

Technology has enabled practices to gather enormous amounts of data but the data is only valuable when it is used, interpreted and applied to help make things better. However, data, dashboards and numbers can be overwhelming. In this webinar, chaired by Dr Sarah Elkin and with speakers Dr Vince Mak and Dr Katherine Hickman, Chair of PCRS,  we will explore what data we can access, how we can use it to improve care, reduce backlogs, prioritise the most urgent cases, and help to reduce stress and workload. There are a number of simple searches and methods clinicians can use, and this webinar is for anyone that wants to understand how they can use data to their advantage. The webinar will cover data, dashboards (e.g GPes), how to use data without dashboards, implications for information governance and links to Investment and Impact Fund (IIF).

This non-promotional webinar has been sponsored by The Burdett Trust for Nursing and Novartis UK who have had no editorial input into the presentation.

PCRS is grateful to The Burdett Trust for Nursing and Novartis UK for their support of the Digital Technology webinar programme. The programme has been solely organised by PCRS


Sarah Elkin

Dr Sarah Elkin is an integrated care respiratory consultant. She works both in the acute trust managing respiratory & medical emergencies and in the community leading a large integrated respiratory team. She works closely with GPs in NW London running and developing respiratory pathways from early diagnosis to advanced care, running community based clinics, advice and guidance and supporting the pulmonary rehabilitation, oxygen and supported discharge programs. As Clinical Director Integrated care for Imperial, she supports discharge pathways and the therapy division. She is Co-Clinical Director for the London Respiratory Clinical Network.

Katherine Hickman

Katherine qualified from Leeds University in 2000. She originally did a Medicine Rotation acquiring her MRCP before settling into General Practice. She is a GP Partner in Bradford. Katherine is the Respiratory Lead for West Yorkshire ICB, Primary Care Lead for NACAP, and Chair of PCRS. Outside of work she enjoys cooking, baking, yoga, and outdoor swimming and has recently rediscovered her love for singing and joined a choir.

Vincent Mak

Dr Vincent Mak was a Consultant Physician in Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine and Clinical Director for Emergency Services at North West London Hospitals Trust from 1994 to 2013. He was also the Clinical Director of the Outer NWL Integrated Care Program, and Whole Systems Integrated Care. He was a core member of the NHS London Respiratory Team and Clinical Network from 2010-2018. His current role is a Consultant Physician in Respiratory Integrated Care at Imperial College Healthcare Trust.
He was the Clinical Director of the NHS London Respiratory Clinical Network until Oct 2020 and now leads the Accurate Diagnosis workstream. He chairs the NHS LPP Responsible Respiratory Prescribing workstream and clinical lead for the website. He is a member of the PCRS Executive.