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Issue 14: Spring 2018

Special Features

  • Editor’s Round-Up Iain Small
  • Chair’s Perspective: Influencing change Noel Baxter
  • Asthma Guidelines in Practice – A PCRS-UK Consensus
  • The Appropriate Use of Rescue Packs Fran Robinson
  • PCRS-UK National Respiratory Conference Building Confidence in a Changing World 28-29th September 2018,Telford International Centre

Regular Features

  • What Else Can It Be? Doug and his Breathlessness Steve Holmes
  • Getting the Basics Right Managing dilemmas in respiratory tract infections and antibiotics prescribing Kevin Gruffydd-Jones, Katherine Hickman
  • Supported self-management case history Childhood asthma and respiratory infection Iain Small
  • Policy Round-Up Bronwen Thompson
  • Journal Round-Up
  • PCRS-UK News Round-Up
  • Second opinion Your respiratory questions answered
  • Delivering Excellence Locally Thinking differently about delivering pulmonary rehabilitation improved patients’ access to education Fran Robinson, Karen Donaldson, Ali Brenton
  • Affiliated Groups
  • Clinical Update Evaluation of appropriateness of inhaled corticosteroid (ICS) therapy in COPD and guidance on ICS withdrawal
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