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People living with respiratory disease require a significant amount of support, guidance and intervention to manage their condition effectively. These interventions should be delivered by clinicians with an appropriate level of expertise in this field.

Leadership skills enable respiratory nurse to raise standards of care Fran Robinson talks to Deirdre Siddaway Respiratory Specialist Nurse, Suffolk Originally published in the Autumn 2018 edition of the Primary Care Respiratory Update.

The PCRS Respiratory Leadership Programme celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2017. To mark this milestone we are highlighting how some of the programme’s alumni are using the skills they have learned to improve patient care.

How one long term condition might be used to fulfil the potential of PCN investment. PCRS Service Development Committee member, Stuart Shields, has written "10 top tips for PCN clinical directors - The respiratory long term condition perspective"  to support Primary Care Network cl

In this short article for Spring 2019 issue of Primary Care Respiratory Update, Carol Stonham and Tricia Bryant reflect on recent advances in digital technology which may help and support affiliated groups to maintain momentum, retain engagement of members and help facilitate virtual meetings to

Fran Robinson talks to Dr Dayo Kuko on her experience of the PCRS Respiratory Leader Programme and how it has helped her deal with conflict, influence others and gain confidence in her professional role.

Gathering the views of patients is essential if we are to deliver the outcomes patients want. But few clinicians are taught to do this during their training. 

Are you interested in or concerned about respiratory care and services in your area? Would you like to improve the quality of care for patients with respiratory disease and feel you need some help to make that case to your practice manager or local commissioner?

In this Delivering Excellence Locally article from the Spring 2017 issue of Primary Care Respiratory Update Vikki Knowles reports on a pragmatic solution she has devised for training her colleagues to the required standards of the new national register of certified spirometry professionals and op