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Nazir Hussain

photo of Nazir HussainPassionate about improving respiratory care and a great believer in empowering patients to self-manage their illness.

In his current role as a Specialist Respiratory Pharmacist at Dudley Integrated Health & Care NHS Trust, Nazir leads one of the largest primary care pharmacy teams in the country in the provision of clinical pharmacy services to respiratory patients.

In 2011 he was accredited by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain as a Pharmacist with a Special Interest in Respiratory Care (PhwSI), one of the first pharmacists to do so in primary care and he started prescribing when handwritten prescription pads were still in fashion.

Nazir's curiosity to learn and grow has placed him in the centre of several innovative projects including the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network FENO project, restoration of spirometry in primary care quality improvement scheme and identification of suspected severe asthma (SPECTRA).

He sits on the Black Country Respiratory Subgroup and on the Early and Accurate Diagnosis Task Group for Children and Young People across the West Midlands ICS

All that enthusiasm and dedication hasn’t gone unnoticed as Nazir won the 2023 PCPA General Practice Pharmacist of the Year award in recognition of his work establishing an innovative specialist pharmacist respiratory clinic in Dudley for the diagnosis and management of asthma and COPD.

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