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Darush Attar-Zadeh

photo of Darush Attar-ZadehA Clinical Fellow Pharmacist with a keen interest in preventative medicine. Darush has presented at various national and international conferences (including the PCRS, IPCRG, ERS, Clinical Pharmacy Congress). Darush was part of the London Clinical Senate Helping Smokers Quit programme. Darush is a lead for NHS RightBreathe and helps mentor clinicians in 45 PCNs across NW London. In 2019 Darush was awarded PCPA GP Pharmacist runner up. He runs group sessions with patients and clinicians. Darush is the Chair of the PCRS Conference Organising Committee, also on the Executive Committee.
Other roles include:
Co-Chair Taskforce for Lung Health Medicines Optimisation Working Group
Co-Chair of the CYP Pharmacy asthma group pan London

Darush enjoys running and raising money for respiratory and cardiac charities. One of his main missions is to reduce health inequalities caused by tobacco and spends a lot of his time teaching in deprived locations across the UK.

  • Darush Attar-Zadeh


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