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Maisun Elftise

photo of Maisun ElftiseI am a GP passionate about health equity and improving respiratory care in the community. Currently working as Consultant Integrated and Community Care at University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire, A Training Programme Director at Coventry and Warwickshire VTS and Equality Diversity and Inclusion Lead for Coventry and Warwickshire Training Hub. In my free time I am a Group Scout leader.

  • Maisun Elftise


    A Less than 2% of gross annual income
    B Between 2% and 10% of gross annual income
    C Any payment between 10% and 20% of gross annual income

    All interests declared are for the previous calendar year

    Section 1: Paid Work / Personal Income

    A. Employments (including partnerships)

    I am an employee, paid director and / or partner of an organisation
    Any NHS organisation (including GP practice): Band D
    Private healthcare provider: Band A
    University: Band A
    Other commercial organisation, including pharmaceutical companies, device manufacturers & agencies: Band A
    Commercial Organisation: none
    Not-for-profit organisation(s): Band A
    Not-for-profit organisation(s)none

    B. Other paid positions / work

    I do not receive personal income from the pharmaceutical industry or any healthcare related organisation(s) (except any employee salary or partnership interest declared in Section A)