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Benedict Greenwood

photo of Benedict GreenwoodBenedict was diagnosed with asthma as a baby and throughout his childhood experienced problems that are familiar to many children with respiratory conditions and their parents – difficulty sleeping, frequent lung infections and bullying. Fortunately, his asthma is now milder, much better controlled and has less impact on his everyday life. He spends his evenings playing sport and is a keen marathon runner. Benedict is finishing off a Master’s in Neuroscience and is about to embark on a PhD in mental health research at University College London. He also works 1–2 days a week as a freelance Medical Writer and has written numerous pieces on respiratory conditions aimed at healthcare professionals. In addition to his interest in mental health, Benedict wants to support PCRS to raise the standards of respiratory care across the country. Being a young person with asthma, and having a family history of cystic fibrosis, lung cancer and pulmonary embolism, Benedict hopes to help healthcare professionals understand the immense positive impact person-focussed respiratory care has on people with respiratory conditions and their families.