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Chloe Bloom

photo of Chloe BloomDr Chloe Bloom is an NIHR Clinician Scientist working in the field of Respiratory Epidemiology at Imperial College London and an Honorary Respiratory Consultant running community clinics and involved in specialist asthma clinics at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. Her research is focused on how to improve healthcare at a national level for people with asthma and COPD, and more recently covid-19. This work has contributed towards national clinical guidelines and influenced national policy. Chloe is an associate editor for the two national respiratory journals, NPJ Primary Care Respiratory Medicine and Thorax.

  • Chloe Bloom


    A Less than 2% of gross annual income
    B Between 2% and 10% of gross annual income
    C Any payment between 10% and 20% of gross annual income

    All interests declared are for the previous calendar year

    Section 1: Paid Work / Personal Income

    A. Employments (including partnerships)

    I am an employee, paid director and / or partner of an organisation
    University: Band D

    B. Other paid positions / work

    I do not receive personal income from the pharmaceutical industry or any healthcare related organisation(s) (except any employee salary or partnership interest declared in Section A)