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Megan Leach

photo of Megan LeachMy lived experience as a young carer and ambassador for the NHS. I have been a carer for my grandmother since the age of 13 years old when she was diagnosed with terminal COPD. I supported my nan throughout the years with her emotional and physical wellbeing such as strong understanding of her condition, treatments, Inpatient and outpatient appointments including management of emergency situations and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I have been involved in multiple projects connected to multiple NHS projects and groups engaging with their local communities, being ambassadors for the service

sourcing potential patient interviews and linking into local consultations developing third sector links with local charities and organisations.

Recently, I have become a carer champion for North East London NHS Foundation Trust to support the work of the Tobacco dependency service for their inpatient wards. I have made improvements for the patient/carer induction packs and training for staff, students which they use for the service and on the wards at NELFT

I also been invited to join the royal college of psychiatrists on a quality improvement programme in tobacco treatment QUITT and there will be some face to face appointments and virtual appointments