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Mukesh Singh

Mukesh Singh

I am a senior Partner at Horse Fair Practice, Rugeley, Staffordshire. I qualified in 1992 and since then worked at secondary care in various roles in different medical specialities till mid 2001 when moved to General Practice. I worked as a Clinical Assistant/GP with special interest in Respiratory Medicine at local Mid Staffs Hospital for over 9 years till 2012. I have been actively involved for over 20 years in research and management of Respiratory illnesses at secondary as well as primary care levels. I also have had 3 years experience of managing diverse respiratory diseases in a busy Respiratory Unit in India. I thoroughly enjoy my presentations of practice-based research on asthma and COPD at national and international conferences. I am actively involved with General practice teaching and training of GP registrars and Medical students. I joined CCG in 2013 as a clinical lead for Long Term Conditions and Respiratory services. Since then I have also been involved as a clinical lead for development and redesigning services for Unplanned admissions, Urgent care and Paediatrics. I have been a Governing body member since 2015. I am passionate about delivering a patient centred and multispecialty care in community. My main goals are: 1} to bring PCRS-UK closer to every single primary and community care health care professionals with responsibility of managing respiratory illnesses and 2} to bridge the gap in quality of respiratory care between well and poorly served areas of UK

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