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Nicola Wood

Nicola Wood

'Nicola is currently working as an advanced nurse practitioner in South Yorkshire. She has worked in respiratory medicine since graduating from her BSc in adult nursing after discovering a passion for the subject as a student nurse. Working initially in St James University Hospital on the admissions and high dependency ward she then went on to work within Mid Yorkshire Hospitals as a Respiratory Specialist Nurse and completed her MSc in long term conditions at the University of Huddersfield. She holds a diploma in Asthma and in COPD as well as having completed an ARTP Spirometry Interpretation and and Performance qualification with Education for Health . Nicola is very passionate about supporting self-management of respiratory conditions in primary care. In her spare time Nicola enjoys climbing and yoga.

A Less than 2% of gross annual income

B Between 2% and 10% of gross annual income

C Any payment between 10% and 20% of gross annual income

D Any payment over 20% of gross annual income

All interests declared are for the previous calendar year

Section 1: Paid Work / Personal Income

A. Employments (including partnerships)
I am an employee, paid director and / or partner of an organisation
Any NHS organisation (including GP practice): Band D

B. Other paid positions / work
I do not receive personal income from the pharmaceutical industry or any healthcare related organisation(s) (except any employee salary or partnership interest declared in Section A)
Pharmaceutical industry total (% income): No personal income from pharmaceutical industry

C. Other income (e.g. shared dividends)
I do not receive any other income (e.g. share dividends from commercial healthcare or tobacco companies)

D. Other personal benefits
Do you receive any hospitality/travel grants from pharmaceutical companies to attend conferences/meetings? Yes

Section 2: Unpaid Work

A. Trusteeships / Directorships
I do not hold any trusteeships/directorships in any healthcare related organisation or tobacco manufacturer

B. Other unpaid / voluntary work
Do you hold any other significant positions that may create a conflicting interest to PCRS? No

Section 3: Shareholdings in Relevant Companies

I do not have any shareholdings in the tobacco industry or any pharmaceutical or other healthcare company

Section 4: Other non-personal interests

Does your practice, CCG or Department receive any fees/grants/benefits in kind worth £2500 or more from any commercial company? No

Section 5: Interest of spouses / long term partners and children

Does your spouse/long term partner or children have any relevant employments, paid work or significant unpaid work in any healthcare related organisation or the tobacco industry? Yes
My long term partner is a Duty Manager and Personal Trainer for Nuffield Health. This is the gym and leisure side of Nuffield Health but I am declaring this as I am aware Nuffield Health also provide clinical services.